How to Fix MP4 Video Header?

MP4 files are the most familiar multimedia video format used widely today. The digital devices today such as digital cameras and mobiles in default support creation of videos in MP4 format. Hence, it has gained a large popularity in the modern generation. Similar to other formats, it supports streaming over the internet. It is also known as MPEG-4 files. These MP4 files may be damaged due to different incidents that occur all of a sudden on your computer.

Let us have a look at a common case. You downloaded one of the most awaiting film from the internet. It took almost half a day to download it. The video format was in MP4 format. You started watching the film and as you were watching system turned off suddenly, due to power failure. Later when the power was retained, you played the video again. For your astonishment, an error message was displayed saying, that the MP4 header is damaged. All your efforts went in vain within a few moments. Don’t get annoyed!! Here is a best solution to fix MP4 video header. Download this efficient software called Repair MP4 and execute it to fix MP4 video header results. It also allows you to perform MP4Box repair in an effective way. If you want to know more about how to repair MP4Box MP4 file then, refer this link:

Typical scenarios that cause corruptions on the MP4 video header:

  • CRC Error:  Generally the MP4 video if downloaded on your computer contains a CRC code embedded in it.  This code is attached in the files in order to track the accuracy in file transmission. Sometimes, due to incomplete transfer there can be a CRC error, which causes the corruption of the MP4 video header
  • Virus Infection: Virus is the malicious program that is specially inbuilt in order to destroy the data. They can infect the system, when an affected file is downloaded on your computer. It spreads to all files including the MP4 videos and cause destruction on its file structure and result in the MP4 video header
  • File System Corruption:  File system is a most important part of a computer. A system organizes the saved files in a well form, when it is installed with a file system. Due to operating system crash or device failure, the file system may get damaged, which sometimes can cause the damage saved in MP4 formats.

With the assistance of this utility you can fix MP4 video header in just few mouse clicks. Start using this tool without losing any time.

Fix MP4 is one of the best and efficient tool that is designed with amazing capabilities to fix MP4 header without modifying or causing harm to the system. It fixes corrupt MP4 file in few simple steps and allows you to preview repaired MP4 file. The intuitive wizard style interface helps beginners to operate the tool, without taking any external guidance.

Fix MP4 can be implemented on operating systems like Windows XP, Window Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008, Windows 7 and 8. Additionally, it also supports to fix MP4 video header on Mac Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion versions. It also helps you to fix MOV files that are damaged. Refer to know how to repair out of sync video and audio MP4 error

A few simple steps to fix MP4 video header-

Step 1 – To begin click on the download button to get the Repair MP4 tool

Step 2 – On launching, you will find the home screen. Browse and select the file in order to fix MP4 header

Fix MP4 Video Header - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 3 – The scan gets intiated and progress gets displayed on the screen

Fixing MP4 Video Header - Repairing starts

Fig 2 : Repairing process

Step 4 – Next, the corrupted MOV file is fixed and the software provides a summary and preview of the fixed file

MP4 Video Header Fix - Summary report

Fig 3 : Summary

Step 5 – At the end, save the fixed MP4 video by opting for the full version

Repair MP4 Video Header - Save Repaired

Fig 4 : Save Repaired