How to Clean Duplicate Contacts iPhone?

iPhone is a type of Smartphones which is developed and marketed by Apple Inc. Nowadays, iPhone is useful in almost everyone's life especially for entertainment purpose, to be in touch with valued and loved ones, to search the route with a built-in GPS app and many more things. iPhone can also be used as a business tool. However, duplicate contacts or any other files make things worse as you will get the same contacts twice or thrice that eventually take long time to search contacts when required.

Therefore, it is always better to look for a solution to get rid of duplicate contacts. No need to look here and there to get the solution as here is the best Remo MORE Software that can easily remove duplicate iPhone Contacts. This application allows you to remove duplicate iPhone contacts from address book by instantly merging all duplicate contacts. The powerful built-in algorithm of this app search all the duplicate contacts on your iPhone Smartphone or Tablets and clears them in very less span of time.

Sometimes you save multiple copies of same person phone number on your iPhone device; there is no need of saving same contacts two times on your iPhone but, it happens mistakenly. However, you don’t know the duplicates stored on iPhone memory. The duplicates unnecessarily occupy more memory space and decreases iPhone performance. If the iPhone has the less memory space, it takes more time to load pages from any type of browser. Even the applications will run slowly and the files/folders can’t open quickly. Hence, deleting duplicate contacts iPhone is useful to enhance its performance as well as to avoid confusion.

It is very simple to find and delete duplicate contacts from iPhone by using Remo MORE Software. This software is developed with a “Remove Duplicates” feature which will let you to find all duplicate contacts and erase them. It will scan your iPhone completely for duplicate contacts, within minutes. In that case, you can select the duplicate contacts to be deleted by not altering the original one.

The best part of the software is that it is a simple and freeware utility to remove duplicate contacts from all types of iPhones. You can run it yourself on your iPhone without any difficulty. All steps are easy to understand and to clean duplicate contacts iPhone. Hence, it is one of the best applications to remove duplicate iPhone contacts.

Benefits of using Remo MORE Software to clean duplicate contacts iPhone:

  • 1. You can store more contacts as free space is created on your iPhone's internal storage memory
  • 2. This app is fast and simple to use
  • 3. Increases the iPhone performance
  • 4. You can backup your iPhone contacts in VCF format
  • 5. Remotely control iPhone activities

Steps for deleting duplicate contacts iPhone using Remo MORE Software:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and Run the software. From the main screen, select “Organize” option to clean duplicate contacts iPhone.

How to Clean Duplicate Contacts iPhone? - Main Screen

Step 2: From this Window, select “Remove Duplicate Contacts” option to remove duplicate iPhone contacts.

Clean Duplicate Contacts iPhone - Main Screen

Step 3: Now, you will find five different options “Duplicate Names”, “Duplicate Numbers”, “Similar Names”, “Duplicate Email Info” and “All Contacts”. Choose any of the options based on your requirement. Here I choose “Duplicate Numbers” option.

Remove Duplicate Contacts iPhone - Process

Step 4: The software displays a list of duplicate contacts after scan.

Cleaning Duplicate Contacts iPhone - Select Internet Explorer

Step 5: Proceed and select the contacts and choose “Merge & Delete” option to remove duplicate iPhone contacts.

Delete Duplicate Contacts iPhone - Click Clean