How to Fix Pixelated MP4 Video File?

MP4 is a multimedia format used to store audio and video streams in a single file called as .mp4 file. It is commonly used video format as MP4 video files can be easily played on any media player and supported by various devices like mobile phones, iPhone, cameras, camcorders, iPods and more. It also offers high quality and compressed video streams. But sometimes you face pixelated problems while playing MP4 video. Pixelated is nothing but low clarity video output. That is, if there is low resolution or if the video data displayed at a size larger than intended, then it is called as pixelated video.

If the MP4 video gets corrupted then, you may face pixilation problems. Other than pixilation, there are several more issues that you face due to corrupted video file such as choppy video, audio video synchronization problems etc. If you are having single copy of your favorite video which have been pixelated, then it will the most annoying situation. So as a result of this, you may start searching a best MP4 fixer tool to fix pixelated MP4 file. Anyhow you will get various tools on net for fixing pixelated MP4 video but, it is important to select a most reliable and secure tool to fix pixelated MP4 video.

One such reliable tool to fix pixelated MP4 video is Fix MP4 Software. It is a secure and efficient fixer tool that can be easily used to know how to fix pixelated MP4 video. This advanced application also helps you to fix MP4 audio video sync problems along with fixing pixelated MP4 video in short span of time.

Reasons for pixelated MP4 video

  • If you are having large sized MP4 video, then you may try to compress it by using third party application. But sometimes, due to compression your MP4 video gets pixelated.
  • Converting MP4 video format to some other video format by selecting very low video resolution, may results in video pixelation.
  • If you have recorded video in very low light or at very low resolution footage, then there are chances for pixelated video file.
  • MP4 video may also get pixelated if it is infected by some harmful external threats like virus or malwares.

In addition to all these scenarios, there are several more reasons that lead to pixelated MP4 video file such as codec issues, unsupported media player etc. So in order to overcome all these scenarios or to know how to fix pixelated MP4 video file, you can make use of fix MP4 software.

How to Fix Pixelated MP4

Fix MP4 is a perfect utility which has been suggested by industry professionals for fixing pixelated MP4 video. This advanced application easily and quickly fixes all the issues related to your MP4 video file. It is best pixelated MP4 fixer tool for fixing corrupt video files on both Windows and Mac OS. This utility also helps you to fix broken MP4 files in an effective way. It has completely automated repair process to fix corrupt or damaged MP4 files. Using this tool you can also fix unplayable QuickTime file. It can easily fix error associated with MP4 and MOV files. It can also fix MP4 files created on Sony, Canon, Kodak, GoPro cameras. This has an ability to support various audio and video codecs. It has simple graphical user interface that helps even novice user to fix pixelated MP4 video files without technical guidance. This program has strong fixing algorithms that can easily fix damaged or bad video files. Its Preview option allows you to view the repaired file before restoration.

Panasonic Lumix is a prominent compact camera model which is used to record fine quality MOV videos. You can make use of this Fix MP4 tool to fix Panasonic Lumix MOV files that got damaged due to various reasons.

Steps to Fix Pixelated MP4 Video File:

Step 1 –From the main screen of the software click on "Healthy File" option and then click on "Corrupted File" option to select respective files.

Step 2 –Once the healthy and pixelated MP4 files are selected click "Repair" button that will start the repair process.

Fix Pixelated MP4 - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 3 –Upon completion of the repair process, user can preview the repaired MP4 video file.

Fixing Pixelated MP4 - Summary report

Fig 2 : Preview Screen

Step 4 –At last save the repaired MP4 video file to known destination location.

 Pixelated MP4 Fix- Save Repaired M4V video

Fig 3 : Save Screen