Software for Fixing Panasonic MOV File

“Hi, I am in a threatening situation associated with MOV video file which is recorded with my Panasonic Lumix camera. Now, I have to fix Panasonic Lumix MOV files for making that files playable. My problem started after downloading a tool from internet to convert MOV files to AVI. I couldn’t convert any of the Lumix MOV files to AVI with this tool, but that attempt for file conversion ended up in file corruption. Instead of copying the MOV files, I had moved that files from camera to computer. Hence, the only possible option is to repair Panasonic Lumix MOV files? Can anybody tell me how to repair damaged video files with the help of any repair tools?”

There are number of MOV File repair tools available in internet. Picking up the best tool among them is the most complex part.  Now just know the fact that you can fix Panasonic Lumix MOV files without much difficulty. The question of how it is will not come again, if you read through the following lines.

Panasonic Lumix is a popular point and shoot camera model. Although Lumix series mainly consists of various compact cameras, it provides various features such as electronic viewfinders and advanced Wi-Fi controls. Many Lumix cameras models are popular among users who prefer pocket sized cameras. It can use for not only still photography but also videography. Most of these cameras produce video files of MOV extension.

Panasonic Lumix MOV files may get corrupt due to various reasons apart from the one which is mentioned on the starting. Just go through the following points in order to get a proper understanding of the Lumix MOV file corruption. Thus, you can get the hurdles before a MOV repair tool for fixing Panasonic Lumix MOV Files.

  • Bad Sectors: The saving of Lumix MOV videos on bad sectors of the hard drive may corrupt the file. It may show errors like “cannot read MOV file”.
  • Improper Editing or Conversion: If you edit or convert your MOV files using unreliable tools, then the modified MOV file may get damaged.
  • Aborting Video Conversion Process: If you terminate Lumix MOV video conversion process before completion, your MOV video file may get corrupt.
  • Use of Untrustworthy Media Players: The use of unreliable media players for playing Lumix MOV files may result in the damage of those files.
  • Camera Malfunction: Due to Lumix camera malfunction, you may get only corrupt MOV files.

Here comes the solution, you can fix Panasonic Lumix MOV files with the help of a tool called Fix MP4 by overcoming all the above mentioned scenarios. Within a few simple steps, you can perform the file repair process using this tool. This tool has a simple Graphical User Interface; it is which most of the file repair tool lacks.

Why this Tool is Highly Recommended?

  • Using this tool, you can repair Panasonic Lumix MOV files that are unplayable on any media players.
  • You can fix any Lumix MOV file which got corrupt due to interruptions occurred during data transfer.
  • Several versions of Windows and Mac operating systems are supported by this tool.
  • This tool fixes a Lumix MOV file starting from separating audio and video streams apart. Then it will repair each stream and finally adjoins them.
  • You can fix Panasonic Lumix MOV files using this tool without causing any quality loss to the MOV files.
  • This application repairs Lumix MOV files that got corrupt due to the improper recovery by an unreliable recovery tool.
  • Fix MP4 tool doesn’t make any changes to the original MOV file. Instead, it extracts data from it, repairs it and creates a fresh MOV file with the repaired data.
  • With this tool, you can preview the repaired file before saving it.
  • In addition to MOV file repair, you can fix broken MP4 files which got corrupted due to various known and unknown reasons using this tool.

Steps to Repair Panasonic Lumix MOV Files

 Step 1: Download and install the free trial version of this tool on your computer. Browse for the damaged Panasonic Lumix MOV file and click on "Repair" to start the repair process.

Fix Panasonic Lumix MOV Files - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Repair Process will starts now.

Fixing Panasonic Lumix MOV Files - Repairing Process

Figure 2: Repairing Process

Step 3: Once the repair process is over, you can preview the repaired MOV file using “Preview” option.

How to Fix Panasonic Lumix MOV Files? - Preview Repaired Data

Figure 3: Preview Repaired Data

Step 4: You can "Save" the repaired file by purchasing the full version of this tool.

Repair Panasonic Lumix MOV Files - Save File

Figure 4: Save File