How to Fix Corrupt iPhone 4S Video Files?

iPhone is very famous touchscreen Smartphone developed and marketed by Apple Inc. Apple Inc. has launched so many version of iPhone such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 etc. iPhone 4s is among one of them that is very famous among Apple users as well as professionals. It is based on IOS operating system. iPhone 4s provide user friendly interface that is used for different purposes such as for capturing a video, sending text messages, HD video games and so on.

Generally, you are capturing a memorable moments of life in the form of videos in your iPhone. MP4 and MOV are file format used to play videos in iPhone. When these file formats get corrupted, you cannot fetch video files from your iPhone 4s. These video file formats are large in size that contains both audio and video Codec’s. These are ideal file format that is widely used in media player, Smartphones, digital camera, iPhone etc. Meanwhile, this format is highly prone to corruption due to some known and unknown reasons. Sometime problem arises due to various reasons and you are unable to play those video files. Now, the question arises like, is it possible to fix iPhone 4s video? If it is possible, then how to fix iPhone 4S video? The best solution is to use Fix Mp4 software. This software is the best option to perform iPhone 4s video fix.

Reason behind video file corruption in iPhone 4s:

There are many reasons that are responsible for corrupted/damaged video files in iPhone 4s.

  • Malware/Virus attack: Video files may get corrupted or infected by untrustworthy antivirus application that is installed in your iPhone 4s and by the unreliable third party applications. Due to malfunction also, video files may get corrupted and you may fail to play precious videos stored in iPhone 4s.

  • Interruption during file transfer: While transferring a video file from iPhone to another device, any type of interruption like abruptly ejecting a device, shutdown of iPhone, leads to the corruption of video file.

  • File system corruption: If file system gets corrupted due to some known and unknown reason then also you are unable to play the iPhone 4s video file.

  • Changing File Format: When you try to change the file format from Mp4 video to another file format then also it may results in damage of video files on iPhone 4s.

Apart from the above mentioned scenarios, there are various other reasons that corrupt your precious video files from iPhone such as CRC error, bad sector on the storage device, capturing video when your Memory card is full and many more. Whatever be the reasons for damaged video files in iPhone 4s, this utility easily fixes iPhone 4S Video with ease.

Whenever video files refuses to open and show errors, then you have to assume that video files are in corrupt or incomplete format, the reason may be any of the one mentioned above thus, to fix iPhone 4s video you have to make use of powerful featured Fix Mp4 software. This is a video file repair application that is used by professional to fix broken, damaged and corrupt video files.

Salient features of Fix Mp4 Software:

Fix MP4 software has inbuilt powerful features that help you to fix damaged/corrupted video files in iPhone 4s effectively. No matter, how video files get corrupted/damaged. This application effectively fixes iPhone 4s video within a couple of minutes. Some of the most important features, which are used to fix iPhone 4s video.

  • It scan the device quickly and repair damaged video files with full ease.
  • It is compatible with almost every version of iPhone such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 etc.
  • It is a most powerful and efficient tool that is used to fix corrupted, damaged and broken video files in iPhone 4s.
  • By using this application, you can preview repaired video files, which help you to analyse the performance of this application.
  • This tool has powerful scanning algorithm that helps to fixes iPhone 4S video with ease in short span of times. It is also used to fix corrupted Mp4 file with grace.

Steps to fix iPhone 4S video:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and launch the software on your system.

Step 2: Select damaged/corrupted video file and click on “Repair” button to fix iphone 4s video.

Fix iPhone 4S Video - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Repairing process is in progress. Wait until it fixes iphone 4S Video files.

Repair iPhone 4S Video - Repairing starts

Fig 2 : Repairing process

Step 3: Once the repair process is completed, you can use “Preview” option to analyze the quality of this software before saving.

Fixing iPhone 4S Video - Preview Repaired Files

Fig 3 : Preview Option

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the results, then select the desired location where you want to save the repaired video files and click on “Save” option.

iPhone 4S Video Fix - Save Repaired Video File

Fig 4 : Save Repaired Video File

Note: Demo version is same as activated version. The only difference is "Save" option is not activated in demo version. To complete the repair process, you need to activated this software on your system.