How to Lock MP4 Files?

Do you have confidential MP4 files on your system or Smartphones and want to protect it from unauthorized person? So, are you in search of tool which can protect or lock your MP4 files? YES it is possible to protect your MP4 files by locking them with a strong password using a standard encryption technique. But before that let us know why MP4 files are so important and why we need to protect them.

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MP4 files are media files having a file extension .mp4. These are the combination of video, audio, images and text (sub titles). MP4 files can be supported or can play on almost all electronic devices such as computer, media phones, Smartphones, iPods, MP4 player and many more. MP4 files are easy to play and can be provided with high video quality. MP4 contains information for business and medical use and it is confidential and needs special protection.

Consider a situation where you captured a MP4 video file of your personal party by using any electronic instrument and you stored it on your computer or in portable devices. But you don’t want these MP4 files to be seen by any other people and want to know how to lock MP4 files. In such cases encryption is the only solution to lock your MP4 files from the other users. Whether you are transmitting the files over internet or saving it on your computer containing many users.

Even if the other unauthorized person could see or access these locked files they won’t be able to open or play them because when they try to play or copy your locked MP4 files they will receive an access denied error message. But when you lock a MP4 file, it is important to keep a backup of it because you will assign a secret key to unlock your locked MP4 files. If you lose this key, then you will not be able to access locked files.

You will find lots of tools to lock your MP4 files; however you need to be sure that they are reliable and secure and will not cause any damage to your MP4 files. The software must be able lock MP4 files intensely with a strong password. One such tool is Remo MORE.

Why to use Remo MORE Software?

Remo MORE is the perfect application which knows how to lock MP4 files. This software can lock MP4 files on computer, Smartphones, etc. by allowing you to set password of your choice. It is designed with highly interactive user interface to make process very smoothly. Only authorized person can play locked MP4 files. You can unlock your locked MP4 files anytime using Remo MORE application. It offers you the most advanced settings on it. Remo MORE software can be used as an ideal MP4 locker if you are concerned with the security of personal data. By using Remo MORE software you can also lock any type of media files, it just need a couple of minutes to lock the files.

Simple procedure to lock MP4 files

Step 1 – Download and Install Remo MORE Software and then launch the tool to know how to protect MP4 files.  Now choose a “File/Folder Locker” option as shown in Figure 1 to lock MP4 file.

Lock MP4 File - Main Screen

Figure 1: File Locker Main Screen

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Step 2 – Now Select and Add MP4 files, after that click on Lock Button as shown in Figure 2 to lock your MP4 files.

How to Lock MP4 File - Select Files

Figure 2: Select MP4 Files

Step 3 –Selected Files will be Locked Successfully as shown in Figure 3.

MP4 File Lock - Locked

Figure 3: MP4 Files Locked Successfully

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