Clean Application Cache

Applications on Android phones use cache memory for improved performance. Over time, this cache data on Apps grows more and starts affecting the speed of Android device processor. This matters a lot if your phone has only internal storage memory. If so then, in worst case scenario the applications start exhibiting unusual behaviour on your phone. In that situation it becomes necessary to clear application cache on Android. You can do it Android OS by following simple procedure.

Clean application cache on Android OS:

  • Go to Settings, then tap on Applications and then select Manage applications. Choose on an App whose cache you want to clear
  • You will get the information of used cache by the App with many options to perform on App data
  • Select “Clear cache” option to clean the selected application cache

Like this you can clear application cache of particular app on your Android phone. Clearing cache has become easier on new version of Android OS like Android 4.2 and higher versions. You will get an option called “Cache data” in settings of phone. By tapping on this you will get the option to clear all app data stored in phone cache.

Nowadays there are even applications available for Android OS for clearing cache. When you install such application on your phone, this software lists out the applications by applications using huge memory space. You can clean the cache of any application individually or you can select “Clear All” option to clear cache of all apps on the device.

The cache cleaning process is tough and confusing with these options. You may not be able to perform cache clean properly by any of the above mentioned solutions. There are even chances of any traces of data not being cleared. In that situation, Remo MORE software provides you the best solution for clearing cache on your Android devices that assures you complete wiping of app cache.

Remo MORE for cleaning application cache:

Remo MORE is a freeware for cleaning application cache on Android devices. This tool provides you with simple options and easy to navigate wizard. This makes sure that there is no residue of app cache data on your Android device. This utility also has lot of other options for optimizing data on Android. You can call it as a one stop solution for all your data essentials. This program has the option to clean history, bookmarks and free space. You can clean everything using one click clean on this software. This application also gives you the capability to clean junk files, wipe SD card, remove duplicates, clean WhatsApp data, etc. To know more, try the software now on your Android device. This is available in Google Play store and other app stores.

Simple procedure to clear application cache:

Step 1 – Download Remo MORE and install it on your Android device. Run the software and click on “Optimize” option to get the screen as shown in Figure 1. Select “Privacy Cleaner” from the screen.

Clear Application Cache - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2 – From the next screen select “Clean Cache” as shown in Figure 2.

Clear App Cache - Privacy Cleaner Main Screen

Figure 2: Privacy Cleaner Main Screen

Step 3 – You will get the information of cache size in the next screen as shown in Figure 3. Click on “OK”.

Clean Application Cache - Cache Size Detail

Figure 3: Cache Size Detail

Step 4 – In the next screen you will get the option of cleaning cache as shown in Figure 4. You can click on “OK” to clean cache or you can cancel.

Application Cache Cleaner- Clean Cache

Figure 4: Clean Cache