How to Fix Broken GoPro MP4 Files?

Last night I had been to my friend’s birthday party and even carried my GoPro camera to record a video as I was knowing that all my friends will get together in that party. I recorded a video of about 43 minutes long and the recorded video was saved in .mp4 format. But, when I tried to play it on my system, I encountered with an error message saying that file is broken. It is the only copy I am having, so someone please let me know how to fix broken GoPro MP4 file.

Other than you, there are many other users who might have come across this kind of situation but the good thing is one can easily fix broken GoPro MP4 video file by using most effective fixer software. GoPro is an advanced and widely used camera which is specially preferred by adventurous racers, survivalists, athletes and by many other users. However like in the above mentioned scenario, there are many other reasons that results in broken GoPro video file due which you won’t be able to play the video on any of your media player.

But this problem can be easily resolved or you can easily fix broken GoPro MP4 file by using an advanced utility known as Fix MP4 Software. If you are facing any audio video sync problems, then this advanced tool will also fix MP4 sync problems along with fixing broken GoPro MP4 file in just a few mouse clicks.

Scenarios for broken GoPro MP4 video file

  • Header Corruption: File header consists of all the required information about the file. So if the file header gets corrupted due any of the reason, then it will result in broken video file. As a result of this any media player will refuse to play your GoPro video file.
  • Virus Infection: If the storage device of your GoPro camera is severely infected by some harmful viruses, then there are possibilities that the recorded video files may get broken and become unplayable.
  • Abrupt Ejection: While recording or while accessing file on your GoPro camera, if you abruptly eject your external storage device from it, then it leads to broken MP4 files. Even while transferring MP4 files from GoPro camera card to the system, abrupt ejection of card may leads to broken GoPro MP4 file.

There might be even more reasons that results in broken GoPro video file like firmware corruption, power surge while accessing GoPro video files on system, battery dies while recording video etc. But in order to overcome from all these scenarios, you can utilize fix MP4 software which acts as best broken GoPro MP4 file fixer for fixing broken GoPro MP4 files in an effective way.

Key features of fix MP4 software

Fix MP4 is an advanced and powerful tool which has been reviewed and suggested by industry experts to fix broken GoPro MP4 file. This advanced tool has been built with complete automated repair process. It is an effective tool to fix bad MP4 files, MOV files, M4V files etc. This broken GoPro mp4 file fixer is compatible on all versions of both Windows and Mac OS. It can easily fix corrupt, damaged and broken video files that created using different digital cameras. This efficient broken GoPro mp4 file fixer is capable to fix large MP4 files. It has an ability to separately repair video and audio stream, and then adjoins them to make a healthy and playable file. This efficient tool is also useful to fix MP4 AVC video file in short duration of time. This well known utility has strong repairing algorithms that will fix broken GoPro MP4 file. It has simple user friendly interface that provides onscreen instructions to know how to fix broken GoPro MP4 file. After fixing broken GoPro MP4 file, it will allow you to Preview the fixed MP4 file before saving it back on your secured location. If you are having a pixelated MP4 video and want to know how to fix it, then visit the following link:

Follow the steps to fix broken GoPro MP4 video file:

Step 1 –From the main screen of the software click on Healthy File option and then click on Corrupted File option to select the broken GoPro MP4 file.

Step 2 –Once the file is selected, click on "Repair" button that will start the repair process.

Fix Broken GoPro MP4 - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 3 –Upon completion of the repair process, user can preview the fixed GoPro MP4 video file.

Broken GoPro MP4 Fix - Summary report

Fig 2 : Preview Screen

Step 4 –At last save the repaired MP4 file to desired destination location.

Fixing Broken GoPro MP4 - Save Repaired M4V video

Fig 3 : Save Screen