How to Fix MP4 AVC?

MP4 is a famous and widely used video file format which is compatible on various media players. MP4 video file can also be played on various portable devices like mobile phones, iPods, camcorders etc. This video file format offers better video quality but it is bit larger in size which consumes more space compared to other types of video files. So it can be compressed by using a standard video compression technique known as Advanced Video Coding (AVC). The MP4 file compressed using this technique is also referred as MP4 AVC.

But sometimes, you may face various issues while playing MP4 AVC like audio lagging behind video, audio continues to play but video froze or vice versa. This is mainly because of video file corruption. MP4 AVC may get corrupt due to various reasons and as a result of corrupt file, you may also encounter with different errors when try to play it on any of the media player. But if it happens with any of your favorite MP4 AVC video, and you are not having an additional copy of that file, then it will be very frustrating moment. As a result of this you might be worrying how to fix MP4 AVC.

However, now you no need to get worried about how to fix MP4 AVC as this process can be easily performed by using an advanced tool named as Fix MP4 Software. Other than fixing MP4 AVC, this effective application can also be used to fix MP4 sync problems in an effective way in order to play a video without any interruption on any of the media player.

Scenarios that results in corrupt MP4 AVC

  • Virus plays a major role in corrupting the files. If your system is attacked by virus, then your MP4 AVC video may get corrupt and become unplayable on any of your media player.
  • File header contains important info about the file. So, if the file header of your MP4 AVC video gets damaged due to any of the reason, then it will result in corrupt video file.
  • If the transfer process of your MP4 AVC video is interrupted due to any of the reason, then it may also leads to corrupt video which you won’t be able to play on any of the media player.
  • Sometimes you may change video file extension from MP4 to some other video format. But if you end up with some logical errors or the conversion process is not properly done, then it may corrupt your MP4 AVC file.

Codec issues, bad sectors on hard drive, improper download etc. are more reasons that leads to corrupt MP4 AVC. In all these corruption scenarios you can make use of fix MP4 software as it is a best Mp4 AVC fixer for fixing MP4 AVC files in an effective way.

Fix MP4 is an excellent and well known utility to fix MP4 AVC. It is also useful to fix issues or error related to your MP4 AVC file. This advanced application is also used to for fixing MP4 AVC files that are oversized. This MP4 AVC fixer has completely automated repair process for AVC MP4 fixing. Along with MP4 AVC fix, this software can also fix choppy video files. It has powerful repairing algorithms to fix severely corrupted files. This tool can also fix MOV, M4V and other types of video files. It is compatible on both Windows and Mac OS to fix corrupt or broken video files. It parallely fixes the audio and video streams and then adjoins them to make a healthy and playable file. This tool is built with simple user interface that helps even novice user to know how to fix MP4 AVC in few simple steps. It allows you to Preview the fixed files before saving.

If you want to know how to fix RealPlayer Mp4 files, then follow this link: By using this software, you can not only fix RealPlayer Mp4 files but also you can fix other player Mp4 files such as QuickTime, iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.

Follow the steps to know how to fix MP4 AVC:

Step 1 From the main screen of the software click on Healthy File option and then click on Corrupted File option to select the respective files.

Step 2 Once the files are selected click "Repair" button to fix MP4 AVC file.

Fix MP4 AVC - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 3 Upon completion of the repair process, user can preview the fixed MP4 AVC video file.

Fixing MP4 AVC - Summary report

Fig 2 : Preview Screen

Step 4 At last save the fixed MP4 AVC video file to known destination location.

MP4 AVC Fix - Save Repaired M4V video

Fig 3 : Save Screen