How to Fix out of Sync MP4 Files?

MP4 are media files that are developed by Moving Picture Experts Group. They are the most popular and common video file format used today. It is generally based on the QuickTime files. These files are generally identified with .mp4 extensions. They can be streamed over the internet. Mp4 files are known by the names like MPEG, .m4a, m4p files and so on. Now large number of digital devices supports MP4 files. You can find digital camcorders and mobiles having the captured videos in MP4 format. Hence, these files have used widely all around the globe.

Generally, these file can be played on different media players.  Sometimes, users try to synchronize the MP4 files between different music players and the computer media player. This is done to update the library with new songs, saved on both the players.  However, during certain unlucky times, they can face errors while synchronizing the video and audio stream of the MP4 video. This makes the file corrupt, which makes it unplayable. To know how to play corrupted MP4 video files, follow If one of such favourite MP4 file is corrupt due to sync problem then this is the right place to fix it. Try Repair Mp4 Audio Video Sync tool that is built in with efficient algorithms to identify the problems and fix Mp4 audio video sync issues. One will be able to repair MP4 format errors and header part of the MP4 video files with ease.

MP4 files are usually played with an aid of a media player. Sometimes, you may try to sync the MP4 video and audio streams, during which you may encounter situations like power failure or ejection of the storage device which was used for synchronization. This causes the MP4 video to be corrupted. In all such frustrating times make use of Fix Mp4 Audio Video Sync to fix audio and video out of sync MP4 files

Users download movies or entertaining videos from different sites on internet. One might end up downloading the MP4 video, from unsuspicious sites. On playing these videos, you might get an audio and video out of sync error. To fix Mp4 audio video sync issues this tool is the perfect solution. Apart from synchronization error, it can also fix .mov files that won’t play in iMovie on Mac due to errors like header corruption, third party application, etc. within less time.

Fix Mp4 Audio Video Sync is read only utility that can repair MP4 audio video sync problems, without bringing any modifications on the original damaged MP4 video. This software is designed with programs that can be able to find the reasons behind and file damage and fix Mp4 audio video sync efficiently.

It also facilitates MP4 video preview after fixing bad MP4 files. Besides, repairing of MP4 files, it also supports fixing of MOV videos. Opt for the demo version of this tool, in order to experience the real time results of this software and discover the way to repair Mp4 audio video sync

Steps to fix audio and video out of sync MP4 –

Step 1 – First download and install this effective tool on your PC

Step 2 – Next run the software and browse the damaged MP4 video file to fix audio and video out of sync MP4

Fix Mp4 Audio Video Sync  - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 3 – The software displays the scan progress on the screen

Fixing Mp4 Audio Video Sync - Repairing starts

Fig 2 : Repairing process

Step 4 – After the scan, the software provides a repair summary. Click preview to view the fixed MP4 file

Mp4 Audio Video Sync Fix - Summary report

Fig 3 : Summary

Step 5 – At last, save the MP4 file at the end

Repair Mp4 Audio Video Sync  - Save Repaired MP4 video

Fig 4 : Save Repaired MP4