Fixing Bad MP4 Video Files

MP4 files are the most common video file formats used worldwide. These files are used to store video data. Like any other files, these files are also prone to corruption. Picture this situation wherein you have downloaded few MP4 files from internet. But when you try to play it on media player it displayed an error message that “Error - 2002: a bad public movie atom”. You tried to play it on other media player but same error message repeated. You tried everything to make it play on your computer but failed. You may not understand what you should do in such condition.

Well, don't be tensed!!! Try to download MP4 files once again. If you can play it then your problem is solved. But if same problem persist even after you download MP4 file again then it shows that the MP4 itself is corrupted. Hence to fix bad MP4 files it is recommended to download Fix MP4 software on your Windows computers. This software helps you to fix bad MP4 video file corrupted in many situations as discussed below.

Causes for bad MP4 files on your storage device:

  • Header corruption: The header of MP4 files are mainly corrupted due to viruses. You need to perform MP4 video header fixture to view MP4 video
  • Improper closure of MP4 file: If computer shuts down suddenly when MP4 file was open then it gets corrupted. Your hand may bump onto the power button accidentally or turn off the main switch by mistake
  • Played on incompatible player: All media players are designed to play certain file types. MP4 player if played on incompatible player then it results in bad MP4 files
  • Download error: The MP4 files when being downloaded, if something goes wrong like the file is attacked by virus due to insecure cyberspace, then it results in bad MP4 files

However, you can fix bad MP4 video file using Fix MP4 Software which is a perfect tool for fixing bad MP4 files. Download the demo version of this software freely from this page and evaluate its performance. Once you launch this MP4 fixer software, it fixes all bad MP4 files within few couple of clicks. Then, after repairing MP4 files, it allows you to preview the fixed MP4 files.If you are satisfied with thi8s tool, you can purchase the complete edition and easily fix bad MP4 files at your finger tips.

Features of Fix MP4 Software:

Fix MP4 Software helps you to fix corrupted MP4 on your Windows PCs. This utility is capable of fixing bad MP4 files resulted after any unfavorable scenario. This program supports MP4 video repair on various Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008. It also enables you to fix MP4 codec error that might be displayed when you try to play your MP4 file. This tool not only can fix bad MP4 files but also corrupted MOV files. This application can be used to fix bad MP4 files on various drives detectable on your computer like internal hard drive, iPod, memory card, pen drive, external hard drive, etc. If any of your video files got corrupted or damaged then you can use this application to know how to repair damaged video files. Fot more info about damaged video file repair, visit:

With the help of this software, one can effectively fix RealPlayer Mp4 file. This software has advanced deep repairing algorithm to fix RealPlayer Mp4 files with utmost ease. It is also capable of handling Mp4 files with various kinds of errors.

Procedure to fix bad MP4 files:

Step 1 – Download and install Fix MP4 tool on your computer. Run the software and select bad MP4 file. Select a healthy file also for reference of the tool to fix MP4 file. Then click on “Repair” option as shown in Fig 1. The software starts repairing MP4 file.

Fix Bad MP4 Files - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2 – Once scanning process is completed, the information of repaired MP4 file will be displayed as shown in Fig 2. Then click on “Save” option to save the repaired file.

Fixing Bad MP4 Files - Summary

Fig 2 : Summary

Step 3 – Save them on a location on computer as shown in Fig 3.

Bad MP4 Files Fix - Save Repaired MP4

Fig 3 : Save Repaired MP4